• team
  • It all started with Pierre-Yves Rochon...

    He was the inspiration behind the excellence we aim to deliver, and the passion that drives our profession.

    In English, “Designer” simply means “Conceptor”, in the broad sense of the term. In French, it takes more of an aesthetic and functional connotation that we prefer, though it would have been more appropriate to put functionality before aesthetics.

    They also say “ethics and aesthetics are interrelated”, and we believe in it strongly.

    We love to take the vision of the project owner with meticulous detailing, integrating the operator’s functionalities and maneuvering through the various obstacles, up to delivering a bright achievement, harmonizing function and beauty.

    And why Bleu exactly?

    For our love of the sea and the sky, for the muse we found in the Mediterranean, for the emotions we create, for LOVE in its ultimate color …